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Why Can’t I Find Good Insurance Producers?

Posted by Mary Newgard on Mar 21, 2017 8:24:54 AM

Get Healthy/Get Fit is the top New Year’s Resolution for 2017.  I suspect this is the case most years.  Before January 1st, researchers found a 315% increase online around the search term 'gym.'  An exercise routine is hard to keep up.  Many people start out vigorously and well intentioned.  Very few reach their goals.  We live in an instant gratification society: I want to lose weight. I want to eat that Girl Scout cookie.  I’ll just skip the gym today.  It’s not the goal but the fundamental flaw that derails the process. 

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The Year of the Account Manager

Posted by Mary Newgard on Mar 14, 2017 4:15:03 PM


A McKinsey & Company study from 2015 made a bold statement: 25% of all insurance professionals will retire by 2018. Not a prediction but based on hard data, when the report was published perpetuation was top of mind for every agency. Which was also when PropertyCasualty360 came out with a list of 7 Things the Insurance Industry Needs To Know About The Looming Talent Gap. 

Unfortunately, the sense of urgency didn’t stick. How do I know this? Because you can relate to one of these traps:

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How To Sell Top Insurance Talent on Your Small Organization

Posted by Mary Newgard on Feb 28, 2017 11:29:51 AM

Have you ever watched an HGTV show on tiny homes and thought it could be for you?  330 square feet of cozy living with sleek designs and creative storage.  Listen, I’m all about maximizing space but they lose me when a wine barrel becomes the shower basin and the kids start moving in.  Forget that! Sometimes in my family four bedrooms is barely enough to keep our sanity.   

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The Right to Disconnect? A Candidate’s Fear About Work/Life Balance

Posted by Mary Newgard on Jan 9, 2017 8:45:09 AM

My close friend is beginning a job search because her boss is known for three things: 

  1. Poor planning
  2. Spur of the Moment Projects
  3. 10 pm email demands to be completed by 8 am the next morning
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What Does a Good Job Offer Letter Have?

Posted by Mary Newgard on Dec 29, 2016 1:22:00 PM

14 years ago my husband and I stood in front of 300 family members and friends to recite our wedding vows.  To have and to hold, to love, honor and cherish till death do us part.  They meant a lot to us personally but as we all know this is standard verbiage.  Fast forward to the present, knowing all that we know now, our vows could be even more personalized...

Me: I promise to slide the seat back in your car after I drive it.  I promise not to make any food with lemon flavoring. 
Him: I promise not to wash wool socks with your black dress pants. I will replace the toilet paper roll with the sheet pulling from top down.

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