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Ready To Launch! Five Steps That Kick Off Your Recruiting Project

According to LinkedIn and Careerbuilder, in an ultra-competitive job market you have four seconds to get a candidate's attention. To put that in perspective, other things you can do in four seconds include:

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Recruiting Contracts: The Best Option Based On Insurance Hiring Needs

We don't recommend the 'one size fits all' practice. Recruiting agreements should be designed specifically around your hiring needs which can change at least every year and sometimes far more frequently. You should expect to have more than one type of recruiting agreement on file with a search firm to address distinct categories:

  1. Executive and Management
  2. Sales and Business Development
  3. Client Management/Technical Roles
  4. Contract/Contingency/Remote Workers

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Remote Employees: Who Are They? Do I Need Them? How Do I Manage Them?

There is no minimum distance that defines a remote employee. In fact, in today's workforce anyone who works more than 50% of the time in a non-company office can be considered remote. For insurance, this even begins to describe field underwriting and claims roles given the territory and travel components. Therefore, this article will interchange the terms remotework-at-homevirtual, and telecommuting quite frequently. They are one in the same in regards to importance and management.

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Partnership & Process: Select A Recruiter That Fits Your Business

There over 19,000 staffing and recruiting firms in the United States.  Where do you even begin to identify let alone decide on the best partner for your business? Capstone is counted among those firms, yet we know how our firm stands out.  Some reasons are obvious (we focus exclusively in the insurance industry) and others are more subjective (our ownership, our tenure, our people's gifts and our process).  

Let us help you navigate the very large waters of the staffing industry, so you can make the best decision possible for your business.

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Insurance Jobs: Companies Use Mid-Level Roles To Find Gen X Executive Talent

“The youngest executive in our company is 54 years old.” I’m assisting an insurance company in the Northeast with a Division Director project. They recently shared this tidbit with me so I could understand the type of person they hope to find. Division Director, in a field office, is a far cry from executive leadership and a gap I wouldn’t have bridged had they not brought it up.

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On A Sinking Ship- Can You Save A Producer From Their Agency?

All I could think watching Game 3 of the NBA finals last night was there is a time in the near future when Quicken Loans Arena won’t even be half full. LeBron is awesome and has made that franchise everything it is today.  Whether he stays until retirement or leaves this off-season, the franchise is completely propped up on him. Golden State, on the other hand, seems to be on its way to becoming a dynasty. They may never be the Lakers or the Celtics, but you don’t hear the same criticism of the supporting cast around Steph Curry like you do with the Cavs. 

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Account Manager or Account Executive? Choosing the Right Candidate Profile

Going back and forth on your next hire?  Let Capstone shed some light to settle on your profile.

There’s a thin line between insurance agencies using Account Manager or Account Executive to describe an experienced service professional.  The insurance industry creates confusion on titles, pay and responsibilities because agencies are plagued by title nuances.  In 10 seconds I amassed 12 titles that describe this agency function:  Analyst, CSR, Account Manager, Associate, Assistant, Specialist, Client Manager, Client Advocate, Consultant, Account Executive, Client Executive and Risk Advisor...

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An Impossible Search: The Warning Signs for Hiring Managers

You’re never going to fill that job.  That person does not exist.  A lot is broken in your profile. Not to put too fine of a point on it, but insurance organizations waste a lot of time in the recruiting process. When you get off to the wrong foot structuring the profile the process is exponentially harder from that point forward.  There is only one step past describing a search as difficult. It’s impossible. Here’s how you got to this point.

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Why Is Producer Recruiting SOOOOOOO Frustrating?!

I’m having trouble reconciling several frustrating experiences I had with producer recruiting last week.  I talk to insurance agencies constantly about their recruiting plans.  Their automatic response is, “We’re always looking for good producers.” 

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How Should You Send a Thank You After a Job Interview?

Like the VCR, Handwritten Thank You Cards Are Dead. While I know my partner Chris still believes in the power of the handwritten thank you note, I am here to tell you why I my opinion is that fulfilling instantaneous expectations should be your #1 goal and why I think it will suffice.

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When Is The Last Time You’ve Had a “Recruited” Candidate Referral?

One of the most common objections I hear from companies about working with an insurance recruiter is they feel the candidate quality is sub-par. Perhaps you’ve made similar statements: “Recruiters send me the same people I already know or can find on my own” and “All the candidate referrals I see are unemployed people and job hoppers.”

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The Test To Know If Your Insurance Organization Actually Recruits

I love Seinfeld.  I REALLY love Seinfeld.  If you are with me, keep reading, you’re going to like this post.  The best episode is the one with the marine biologist. If you agree, again, congratulations and keep reading. The beginning of the episode is Kramer’s proposal to Jerry and George: Who Wants to Have Some Fun!? 

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Job Postings For Cutting Edge Insurance Positions: Overcoming Writer’s Block

Insurance is an innovative industry. Companies and brokers are constantly reinventing or adding positions based on products, services and market trends. Some of the most exciting jobs hitting the market are ones the majority of insurance organizations are only starting to consider. DeLoitte’s 2017 outlook talked about industry transformation and modernization. We’re going to see a lot more hiring activity in technology, data security, process automation, advanced analytics and regulatory compliance.

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My Insurance Agency’s Recruiting is So Hard Because of Our Location

Rural markets aren’t as different from major cities as you might think.

The Human Resources Manager for a Central Coast insurance agency in California recently told me they struggle with recruiting insurance talent because they are in a “rural” market.  They’ve experienced many letdowns when recruiting qualified people who won’t relocate from Los Angeles or the Bay Area.  While I don’t disagree that location is a major factor in recruiting, it’s also worth noting the struggle is real for agencies no matter location. 

When you let this lie become your truth here’s what happens...

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4 Steps to Building A Proactive Insurance Recruiting Strategy

Planning Past the Tip of Your Nose
How to Develop a Proactive Insurance Recruiting Plan in 2018

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How Can You Refresh a Tough Insurance Job Opening?

A few weeks ago I blogged about a Benefits Account Manager opening that an agency had been trying to fill for ten months.  Sometimes we get so far down the mud hole we can’t see a way to climb out.  On that note, I ran a Mud Run once. There’s nothing quite like running a mile in shoes that feel like bricks full of sand, mud and water ----------------------------------------->

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Wanted: Executive Maturity

Insurance Agencies Recruiting Management Talent in Droves for 2018

Up and Comer.  Next Generation.  Future Leader.

Perpetuation gets so much attention when agencies discuss recruiting I’m almost sick of using the term.  People are retiring at a rapid rate from the insurance industry. There’s no debate there.  The problem is when an aging workforce intersects another underlying issue unique to agencies. 

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10 Months Later: Benefits Account Manager Opening Remains

Finding it difficult to recruit experienced insurance talent?  You’re not alone.  Below is the story of an insurance agency paralyzed in a search that began as a seemingly basic senior benefits account manager opening.  If you can relate perhaps you can also find a solution by hearing their story.

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The Fundamental Truths About Insurance Agency Hiring

Doing More Harm Than Good 
One Insurance Agency’s Story About Backchannel References // Insurance Agency Hiring

“I think we made a big mistake”  were the first words spoken to me by an insurance agency executive when recounting the story of a failed reference check.  It was an innocent idea by which the whole mess got started.  She was introduced to a new potential employee.  One of her ex-employees just so happened to work at the same firm as the applicant. Trusting the quality of the intel, they placed a call to their former colleague. 

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Using Analytics To Secure Top Insurance Talent

Big data ensures successful hiring.

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