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The ABCs of Interviews

I may be dating myself here, but how many of you remember the infamous scene in Glengarry Glen Ross when Alec Baldwin talks about ABC standing for Always. Be. Closing. My spin on that for today’s blog is a different idea:

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Your Next Insurance Hire: 'Time Kills All Deals'


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2018 Insurance Industry Recruiting Trends

While we are early in the New Year, we are already beginning to see trends that we believe will hold true throughout a good portion of 2018. Some are good and some are it is going to be important to pay attention if you want to stay ahead of the curve.

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Do People Still Value Thank You Notes After a Job Interview?

Yes. Yes. Yes, a million times over. A thank you email is the minimum and expected. The handwritten note or card is a lost art. The tendency in an email is to write too much or ask lingering follow-up questions. The gesture of a thank you card sent through the mail is more of a true sign of gratitude. You expect nothing in return other than the good vibes that it creates when the reader opens up that card and sees your name on it.

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Spooked To Start The Insurance Job Search?

The Halloween season brings about lots of change: the leaves on the trees, the cooler weather, and literally even the clothes you wear as you attend parties and Trick-or-Treat nights. It also brings about change in job seekers as the fourth quarter is a time to reflect upon your career.

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Insurance Recruiting: Balancing Long Term vs. Short Term Hiring

A study from McKinsey & Company found that 25 percent of professionals in the insurance industry will retire by 2018, leaving a large talent and experience gap in the industry. So how do you plan for that alongside any and all current openings for immediate hires?

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Insurance Recruiting: Do You Have To Spend More To Get More?

For the casual observer of the NBA playoffs, it may appear as though the Golden State Warriors are a good team playing well together at the right time. If you really dig into it, though, you will find that a big part of the reason this team is even together is a discussion that happened a few years ago. The league met with the players’ union to discuss a new salary cap. That was the true trigger point to a path for the Warriors to open up enough cap space to sign Kevin Durant, who is likely their best player right now on a loaded line-up.

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How to Avoid Draft Day Mistakes With Insurance Producer Recruiting

It always strikes me curious how people react to their team’s draft choices in the NFL. The armchair QB suddenly knows more than the executives on a team who have put weeks and weeks of research into their draft choices. It often comes down to basic decisions that can also relate to producer recruiting in the insurance industry.

  1. Do you hire the seasoned vet who is going to come with a high price tag and possibly past the twilight of their career?

  2. Do you take a huge risk with organic hires that have little or no proven experience?
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How to Brand Your Organization to Attract Top Insurance Talent

Just as an insurance candidate needs to a brand themselves during a job search, it is equally important for an insurance organization to think strategically about their branding: 

The Image You Project: Old and Studgy or Up Close and Personal?

For those companies that think it doesn’t matter, the world is changing daily and will quickly pass you by if you’re not careful. Some companies spend a tremendous amount of time, energy, and money to create their unique brand in the public eye. Here are 4 steps to enhance your branding strategy.

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How to Brand Your Insurance Job Search as a Candidate

Everything these days is about branding, marketing, social media, and how to “project” who and what you are online and in person. It can become complicated quickly and even overwhelming. We often counsel candidates regarding how to polish their resumesmanage their social media platforms throughout the insurance job search, communication, and much more.

What you are and have become in your insurance career can be difficult to sum up in a one-page document or online profile. Here are a few quick tips to make that process easier:

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Is Your Insurance Job Search in #LaLaLand?

As everyone knows, the #Oscars2017 ceremony provided one of the biggest gaffes in its illustrious 89 year history. One so big it just might make us forget about Steve Harvey’s mishap at the Miss Universe pageant. The explanations for what went wrong keep coming out of the woodwork, but the bottom line is that something went terribly, terribly wrong on live television in front of a national audience.

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How to Be The MVP of Your Insurance Job Search

It was the NBA All-Star weekend in New Orleans, so Anthony Davis figured to play a prominent role in the proceedings. He wanted to show off the NOLA pride and represent his community as well as his team. The youth basketball coach in me really didn’t like the lack of defense in the actual game, but I suppose that's by design for the most part. I doubt anyone is emphasizing defense in the huddles or pre-game film sessions. However, there were 5 things about Anthony’s quest for the MVP that I felt ran parallel to guidance I give candidates throughout their insurance job search.

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Are You Collaborating Throughout Your Insurance Job Search? 

I have to admit I don’t keep up with music as much as I used to. Most of what I know about popular music these days comes from my teenage daughter. But I decided to watch part of the #GRAMMYs last night and saw several artists collaborating, sometimes even crossing genres. It made for some interesting combinations, and some could argue it was an evolution of how we listen to music. How does collaboration in your insurance job search process benefit candidates and companies alike?

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How To Develop an Insurance Recruiting Strategy

It’s that time of year again. Everyone is planning Q1 budgets, executing game plans for the New Year, and reflecting on the past year. So what exactly should you be doing to keep up with the insurance talent market?

Here are 5 STEPS that you can take to stand out in the ultra-competitive insurance industry...

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How to Celebrate Success in a Job Search

The job search process can sometimes be a roller coaster of emotions. From being turned down to not hearing back on networking emails to getting job interviews more quickly than expected, it can go from happy to sad very quickly. So how exactly should small wins during the process be celebrated?

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Is The Insurance Job Force Getting Younger?

As I watched some of the PNC Father/Son Challenge this weekend, I couldn’t help but be amazed at how well some of the youth were playing. Front and center were John and Little John Daly. They were especially tough to miss with their unique attire. Oftentimes you hear people talking about the “Post-Tiger Era” and worry that there are not enough young players that will capture the hearts of fans and viewers. At 13 years of age, Little John is already a scratch golfer and proof that there will plenty to watch in the coming years to keep us entertained. 

My mind naturally turned then to the insurance industry and made me wonder...

  1. Is similar young talent rising to the top of the heap to ensure a bright future for companies?
  2. Or are they attracted to other industries?
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Is The Job Market Heating Up?

I have had many candidates ask recently why they are seeing so many postings and activity online about new insurance jobs. There are several reasons this is happening, and only a few are worth paying attention to. Similarly the stock market is up right now. But I read this morning that it is really on the back of four individual stocks that are doing exceptionally well:

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How To Return To Work From A Prolonged Absence

Recently I have counseled several candidates through gaps on resumes that were attributed to lapses in employment between jobs. Or experiencing one now. Over the years I've heard many reasons for this, such as the following:

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What's Your Agency Perpetuation Plan?

What are you doing for top performing producer perpetuation?

More and more information points to the fact that there is a talent gap between aging executives of insurance agencies and top producers. This presents several different problems:

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How to Write an Effective Resume

I have recently seen a wave of laziness when it comes to revising or updating a resume. Have candidates
forgotten that their resume can leave an indelible first impression? I believe there are several contributing factors for this laziness.

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