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3 Hot Insurance Job Search Trends for 2018

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January 10, 2018

Image result for cd player in carThe world is always changing with old standards giving way to new ideas and expectations and perhaps nowhere is that as evident as in careers. For instance, Work Life Balance is a term your parents and grandparents would seldom, if ever, have thought about back when they were starting their careers, and today we find it to be something of a dying concept since it’s almost a given expectation; like how CD players used to be a novelty in cars but became a standard, and now we’re on to digital music.  So, what are the current, hot job search trends for 2018?

Related imageSoft Benefits.
Soft Benefits is one of a few labels applied to what many might call “perks.”  In reality it is an overly simplified label applied to an expansive array of offerings.  If you run a search you’ll find all sorts of things popping up that companies are starting to offer to attract and retain the best talent. The benefits are as varied as the companies offering them but some of the more common ones are work-from-home capabilities (in part or full), food provided at work (snacks, breakfasts, company events), dry cleaning services, cell phones, and exercising work stations.

Image result for variable compensationVariable Compensation.
It once was such that variable compensation was reserved for executives and sales professionals and it came in the way of a bonus or commission.  Today  more and more professionals are looking to incorporate a variable component to supplement their salary and provide them with some earning upside.  It is hard to always get the raise you want in salary but having a variable component you control through some form of performance metric gives you an opportunity to take control over your income and this is something many people are looking for.

This sort of reverts back to the work-life-balance notion but it has progressed today. In its inception work-life-balance often meant “work less.” Today people realize that is seldom realistic so it has evolved to working when it works for them. Many professions, certainly the insurance industry, has seen a dying off of the traditional 9:00 to 5:00 schedule. The idea of short work weeks, summer hours, or things like that no longer hold the same sway as people realize the workload requires time and not putting in the hours will inevitably lead to not getting the work done.  The solution? Flexibility and control over work. That is to say, many people accept they will put in a lot of hours but crave a level of control over when that happens. They need to get to kids’ events, help parents, or be at a meeting for school mid-day and need to be able to leave and do work outside of traditional hours.Image result for flex scheduling

Will these things remain as prevalent in 2018? Probably, but they will no doubt continue to grow and evolve. 

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